Ягоды годжи для похудения

yagody-godzhi-101 На Тибете эти ягоды называют Goji. Там ягоды, которые растут в долинах, считаются настоящим сокровищем – лекарством от многих болезней и верным средством для поддержания здоровья,красоты и [...]

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Радио для ванной комнаты — как выбрать?

Одним из самых приятных и популярных способов поднять себе настроение является прослушивание [...]

Как купить женскую одежду через интернет?

Как только мы заходим в Интернет, нам на глаза то там, то здесь постоянно попадется – рекламный [...]

Как купить оригиналы духи

Женщина –это создание, которое должно благоухать прекрасными ароматами 24 часа в сутки. А чтобы [...]

Вечерние платья больших размеров

Дамы с пышными формами, к сожалению часто думают, что красивые вечерние платья больших размеров [...]

Как выбрать красивое платье большого размера

Современная мода предлагает дамам с пышными формами большой и разнообразный ассортимент [...]

Салат «Щетка»-салат для похудения

Регулярно употребляя такой салат вместо ужина, действительно можно похудеть, но, конечно, перед [...]

The smoked salmon appetizer

  The smoked salmon appetizer Ingredients 250 g smoked salmon Lemon juice 1 h l Rye bread 1 PCs [...]


 NEW YEAR CHRISTMAS TREE INGREDIENTS Bread (my favorite) in cuts-8 slices Toppings: Cheese-50 g Carrots-150 g [...]

Cheese souffle

  The beauty of the soufflé is not only that it is extremely tasty, but also that even novice cooks to throw dust into the eyes of others. And the same is absolute and [...]

Fruit juices at home

Fruit juices at home
  In modern conditions, when all our food is full of preservatives, food dyes and additives, and environmental situation, to put it mildly, leaves hope for the best, fresh [...]

Sauces for meat

Sauces for meat
  Meat dishes are very popular. Even our ancestors, even before the establishment of a “reasonable man” - ate the meat. For these many thousands of years cooking has [...]

Stuffed eggs

Stuffed eggs
  Appetizer in the form of stuffed eggs is perfect for everyday, ordinary table, and will perfectly complement your holiday table. In the world there are already a lot of [...]

Cod baked in the oven

Cod baked in the oven
  Baked fish is a delicious and healthy dish. And if we chose cod, and low calorie. So many advantages in one dish that you can learn how to cook it is necessary for [...]

Salad Red riding hood with tomatoes

Salad Red riding hood with tomatoes
  Salads are an integral part of any holiday table, though, and on weekdays they often decorate our table. We offer to your attention an unusually delicious, easy, and [...]

Cauliflower in batter

Cauliflower in batter
  The variety of dishes, prepared on the basis of cauliflower, impressive. Serve it in soups, salads or pies, but deserves special attention fried cauliflower in [...]

Rabbit stewed in sour cream

  Ingredients: Rabbit - 1/2 carcasses. Onion - 1 piece Vegetable oil - 2-3 tbsp Sour cream - 250-300 ml. Salt, spices - on taste. Black pepper, thyme is desirable. [...]

Salad with mango and shrimp

  Ingredients: Shrimp - 150-200 gr. Mango - 1 piece Cucumber - 200 gr. Lettuce - medium beam. Sesame - 1-2 tbsp The rice vinegar - 2 tbsp [...]

Black forest cherry cake

Black forest cherry cake
 Gorgeous cake! Description cook it quite long, but do not let that scare products simple and baking is not difficult. Give it a try. For the dough you need: - dark [...]

Chicken skewers

Chicken skewers
  Even for you this is not a kebab, and the rest will enjoy a delicious dish. You can cook it at home, in the oven, and on nature to do the rest and active games. For [...]

Cake with cream «Zabaione»

Cake with cream Zabaione
  This cake is prepared quickly and looks easy, but actually has enough efekty taste. If you decorate it with grape or many different fruits and berries will turn out [...]